Reviews from folks who have attended Old West Trails...

Runners and Volunteers


Linda Beckett.............all the local locals were so friendly. Makes me wanna move there  

Chelle Burgos...........Amazing!!!!!!!...:)..Can't wait to come back next Yr & hoping to bring fam & friends with me!!!!!...Thnk u all again:)

 Chelle Burgos (again!) .......... AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!!! Sooo nervous bout my first 50k but it turned out to be an AMAZING experience!!..I never had a race as GRT as this:)..Well organized aid station, safe event, & most of all nic, fun & supportive peeps. Feels like I've known everyone for a long time!!!..This wat made this race stands out! & I gave it a "5+ STARS"..*****A million Thnks & Love to Larry Pustinger, Mary Lou Lackey, Karen Hamilton, Jeff Pace, Benedict Duggar,  SURF & to all d volunteers & crews for this AMAZING Event...I salute each & everyone of u. I can't wait to run this event again along with my brother Eric & hoping to convince hubby & my!!!....GRT JOB Everyone & GOD BLESS:See u all next yr!!!!

 Nahoko Iwa ............Nice pictures! All the great memories come back to me  

Zachary Johnson,...........I've done a few events in Shelter Valley now and am convinced that area has some of the nicest folks around. I really enjoyed my day!

Desi Klaar............VOLUNTEERS!!! anything I was craving today was displayed in many forms- salty or sweet!!! All that hard work put into feeding us before, during and after the race! Awesome!!!!

Rene Ramsdell...............It felt like the entire town of Shelter Valley was volunteering at the race. What a kind bunch of folks! They have a great sense of community ther

Sean Powers................I'd like to add my thanks to the volunteers, aid crews and organizers for a spectacular trail race. Such a great atmosphere, venue, community and event. Feel privileged and honoured to have met such legends of running particularly Dixie Masden,  Tom Pontac and Jeanne Pontac, and of course Larry Pustinger.   Hope to make the pilgrimage again sometime. Happy trails everyone.

Amy Hunter................Ditto! Great job Larry Pustinger, and thank you to all the volunteers! Everyone was super nice an helpful, course extremely well-marked, frequent aid stations were great. Congrats on the successful race debut!

Iahoko Iwata......I just want to say HUGE THANK-YOU for organizing such a great event. I enjoyed every step and every moment during the race. You are one of the best organizers, volunteers and aid stations I've ever met. I can't wait for another races with you guys!

Thanks, Larry Pustinger, Mary Lou Lackey, and all the other incredible volunteers for pulling off a great inaugural run through the gorgeous desert hills of Shelter Valley.

 Madonna Bentz.............. We had a great time running the Old West Trails Ultra.  It was an amazing race. Everything about it was awesome - venue, weather, volunteers, etc.

Jennifer Bennett..................You guys are all amazing! Thanks for sharing our backyard for a little stroll. This was my first experience with the Ultra Running community, you are all First Class people! It was a pleasure getting to know you and cheering you on! You are welcome any time!!!


 Mary Lou Lackey.............None of this could have been pulled off without the help of the volunteers from our SV community. Oh, and our good friends from Ramona too! And our ultra running professionals that came out and gave their day for us. What a fantastic job everyone did!

Karen Hamilton.................... Thank you! Really, what a wonderful day.  Congrats on an amazing run. What a great group of volunteers, just the best. Thanks for everything.

Jean Sorenson......................Great race guys! Loved it! Got a little hot, but then that's what it's all about and I beat my goal and PR'd for a 50K Thank you!

 Alaina Nudell.............. Thank you to everyone that played a part in today's race. This was my first 50k and it went really well because of the high level of organization, good communication, beautiful location, awesome well-stocked aid stations with LOTS of ice, and amazing volunteers. Thank you Larry Pustinger  and Mary Lou Lackey  for a magical day!!


 Judy Illeman Gaukel................. Thank you for a wonderful day!!!   




 Eric Miersma..................  Thanks Larry, Mary Lou, and all the volunteers for a great race!


Hi Larry,

I'm still on a high from this last weekend. What a fantastic trail race event! Your Shelter Valley angels were amazing. The spread put on for the runners made all of us feel like royalty. In no other trail race did I feel so much part of a community: both the ultra running community (talks of Badwater and Pike'Peak and other legendary runs made me feel privileged to be sitting there and hearing them), and the Shelter Valley community. The finishers' "bling" has a place of honor among my medals, and my trophy is cherished beyond any other - especially because I now know who made them, designed them, polished them. You gave all your angels well deserved credit, but in the end you put on this show, and I want to congratulate you on a terrific job! I will be back next year, and I will hold all other trail runs upto this impossibly high standard.
Thank you and all your neighbors and friends for a beautiful experience.

Willy Bruijn

Tracy Dimino.......Thank you for organizing a fantastic event!  I entered the Monday before the race on a whim thinking I needed a race to get my butt back in gear after running Rocky Raccoon on Feb 1st.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear you were still accepting entrants.  All the markings and aids were great.  I did have a hard time seeing the white ribbons since it blended in with the natural surroundings but it wasn't anything major.  A few of us Rats had a wonderful time hanging out for the post-race festivities.  The food spread was beyond exceptional!  I haven't had a such a big selection of delicious food after a race in a long, long time.  Also, the wood award made out of the Cedar Fire burnt trees was priceless.  Gorgeous!  Both of the big fires came close to our house in Mt. Woodson so this award is dear to me.

Thanks again!  I'll never forget you telling stories to Angela, Renee and I while we walked up the Oriflamme course years ago.  You're funny!

 Hey Geezer, sadly my type 1 threw me under the bus pretty bad right before the race and I figured that it would not be prudent nor safe to run the event. My friends Rob Olsen and Jere Mayer had a blast though and I look forward to next year. You all seemed like really nice folk and I am bummed that I did not get to know you all better. As soon as I get on the good side again I plan on running the course just to make myself feel a bit better about missing the event. As I am out in the desert quite a bit I hope to meet you sometime in the near future.       Cheers and happy trails, Rick "putt-putt"

dirtygirl gaiters


Hi Larry and Mary Lou

I realize that while the rest of us are enjoying a recovery (laundry) day, you guys are still hard at work.    Thank you so much for a fun event and for the dirty honor of being on your event sponsorship team!  Your organization and hospitality were first rate and first class the whole way. 





Thanks for the fun Larry--- You and your crew did a fantastic job. I will bring my camper and enjoy a little more next time.

Tracy Moore

Patrick Meskell...Bib #122,  The shirts, leather medals, and handmade trophies were all incredible also! I'll have to keep coming back until I win one!    

 Antonio Rios..................What a great event the Old West Trails Ultra was, what a friendly and awesome comunity was hosting the event!!!Larry Pustinger did a great job as race director, looking forward to come back And enjoy one morĂ© time this great race!!! Thanks to All the volunteers that help me to reach my goal with a great smile!!!!

orangemud   Josh Sprague

Great job on the race and video Larry! I've heard nothing but great things about your event, keep up the good work!

                     Awesome Larry! I dig the video and race pics! Way to put on such a cool venue!

"Geezer" Larry Pustinger concludes ..... Thank you runners & volunteers for your kindly expressions and for honoring Old West with your participation. Together we endeavored to bring folks together who all enjoy celebrating the beauty and bounty of passing through the countryside in a most 'natural' manner....walking and running. It seems that 'mission accomplished'  is ok to say.   Happy Trails & Keep Safe Out There!