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Geezer commentary:  Once upon a time, way back in 2014, a brand new trail race was born....."Old  West seemed like a joyous wedding celebration!" some folks were heard to say.

So, you ask, ..."How is it that Old West Trails 50K Ultra & 30K Fun Run is like a weekend long joyous wedding festival?"  That's a great question, and delighted you asked!

Two different worlds came together for Old West Trails inaugural edition, ...the adventure seeking world of trail running folks (sometimes referred to as 'the lunatic fringe' of distance running, and the good folks of an isolated and 'way out there' community known as Shelter Valley, CA., population 320.   They met, they mingled, they 'married' and they made great 'magic'! 

Oh, and yes, we also managed to squeeze in two lovely runs.  Race morning found a brilliantly blue sky, decorated with a golden orb rising over the Pinyon Mountain ridge line at the 50K's  7:oo am commencement.   The 'quiet' 55 degree air, was punctuated with the futuristic sound of a mini drone helicopter complete with an 'eye in the sky'.  An hour later, the 30K adventure welcomed may new 'pilgrims' to their very first trail run, along with a number of Geezer's trail pals and palettes from yesteryear.   The 'bird's eye view' of both starts is available at the above link to You-tube.   A wee bit of a gentle breeze introduced itself as the temperature began to ascend into the lower 80's.  Yet, the 700 lbs. of ice distributed at 'way stations' along the old stage routes, kept all the pilgrims with bright eyes & smiles all the way to the finish!

Both events served to return 108 finishers safely to the line!  An additional hand full of pilgrims, who had begun their adventure with the effects of lingering injuries, had elected to retire from the field.  Of course, the 'magic' 6 hour long Runner's Food Buffet awaiting everyone at the Lodge had no influence whatsoever on anyone's decision to begin their recovery a bit early.

Volunteers numbering well north of 60 have already begun to line up for next year's ENCORE edition of Old West.  The good folks at Stagecoach Trails RV Resort & Horse Camp are making plans to complete 3 old west style 'bunk houses' and are preparing to build even more cabins!   If your leaning toward 'throwing in' for the 2015 Old West roundup, plan on coming on down a day or two before the big day, and camping over after your run!  The food is great, and the company is grand.  The nightly campfire has it all...., music, mirth, and magic!

As for the wedding analogy....as race director, the pleasure of reading ALL the post race commentary falls to me....and there seems to be a TIE as to which group can out praise the other!  Volunteers awash in admiration and inspiration from their amazing, upbeat, inspirational, new running friends......and runners heaping words of appreciation, gratitude, thanks, for all the 'magic' and merriment, made possible for them by the volunteers.   Reckon' that's just about right, must be...after all it is,   "OLD WEST".  A couple volunteers have since, however, given notice of their not serving next year....they are now inspired enough to enter the race!

Old Geezer has quite enjoyed the ride which all of you have made possible!   With heartfelt gratitude, I wish each of you the happiest of trails, and look forward to welcoming your return to camp next year!

Keep safe out there!

Geezer Larry, RD