Crew & Pacing Directions

PACING:      Simply put…NONE.    Pacing is not allowed on either course, at any time.  Crews are MOST WELCOME!  Read below!!

 CREWS:    Crews may meet their runners once at Plum Canyon (turn around aid station), once at the Blair Valley, and twice at the Stagecoach Saddle aid station!  Stagecoach Saddle aid station affords all crews the chance to enjoy a short hike, 1/4 mile, up & over a low saddle via the California Riding & Hiking Trail. It's a wee hike, and very pleasant, climbing up about 50 ft in elevation.  No parking exists at the Stagecoach Saddle aid station.  Crews will drive to the Blair Valley aid station, park there as directed by OLD WEST volunteers, and hike following the ribbons from one aid station to the other!

*Crews are NOT allowed access to any locations along the course except as provided below. 

*Runners can NOT receive aid from crews EXCEPT at the locations described below. 

*Crews are NOT allowed access to any of the Water Only Stations located along the course. 

Crews can drive ONLY to Blair Valley aid station, and to Plum Canyon aid station (Plum Canyon Turn around)

*Driving  to Plum Canyon aid station, exit the campground and turn left on HWY S-2.  Continue northerly along HWY S-2 until reaching HWY 78 (less than 4 miles).

*At HWY 78, turn right (easterly) and continue east along HWY 78 for 4.1 miles to Plum Canyon Trailhead, located on your right.  

 Caution:  HWY 78 is dangerous, featuring numerous ‘quick & blind’ curves!     

*Turn right into the dirt parking area which is parallel to HWY 78.  Park your vehicle, then walk east to the trail head KIOSK, by the aid station.  The aid station is a couple hundred yards walk the dirt road from the Kiosk.

   PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN DRIVING OUT of this parking area… sight lines are limited, and traffic often is too fast!


 Driving to Blair Valley and Stagecoach Saddle aid Stations, *Exiting the campground, turn right onto HWY S-2 (south).  Drive for only a short distance, 01.70 miles, then....

*Turn left onto a dirt road.  This left turn has a sign at the highway which says “BLAIR VALLEY”.  This left turn arrives just before highway mile marker 23, and immediately after a sweeping uphill curve, and summit.

*After completing the left turn into BLAIR VALLEY (dirt road), bear left, passing a kiosk, and continue on the main dirt road.  This road will follows the base of a long low boulder strewn set of hills.  The road is not rocky, but is desert sand, driven on enough to be reasonably firm. Old West volunteers will advise if conditions were to become too wet for driving.  The aid station is only 1/2 mile from the paved S-2.   Please park as directed by Old West volunteers.

Walking to Stagecoach Saddle Aid Station, from Blair Valley Aid Station parking: Volunteers will direct you to walk up a trail, following the half marathon ribbons, for less than 0.20 mile, up, over, and down a low saddle from the parking area at the Blair Valley aid station.  This short walk is along a portion of the California Riding & Hiking trail, and was the exact route of yesteryear’s stagecoaches. The saddle was named Foot & Walker Pass…because stage passengers often had to get off the stage to lighten the load for the horses, sometimes even pushing the stage uphill to help the horses even more!  Be sure to stop part way up to read the historical monument. This short walk is on the half marathon course.   Please yield to our swift Old West runners!