Aid Station & Cut off Chart

Aid Station Location                            Cumulative Mileage                   Crew...Drop Bag            Elevation         Cut Off Time  

 Full Aid Station,  Stage Coach Saddle   02.50  1st time both races            Yes*      Yes**, only 50K          2570 ft. .           None 

 Water Drop, Moteros                                 05.73   1st time both races           No          No                              2800 ft.              None                                      

Full Aid Station, Blair Valley                     08.96   1st time both races          Yes*        NO                             2540 ft.             None

#### At Blair Valley aid station, the 50K runners turn around and retrace their course, back through Moteros, and on to Stagecoach Saddle aid station.

#### At Blair Valley aid station, the 1/2 Marathon runners run a loop across the dry lake bed, to a jeep road, turning right onto the road, passing pit toilets, and leading them back to Blair Valley aid station for a second time.This loop is 01.55 miles long. Cumulative distance on the half marathon is now 10.51 miles.

1/2 marathon runners then travel .18 miles over a low saddle (secret shortcut) to arrive back at Stagecoach Saddle Aid Station

Water Drop, Moteros                                 12.24   2nd time only 50k Race       No            No                             2800 ft.            None 

Full aid Station, StageCoach Saddle        15.49 2nd time 50k Race                  Yes*         Yes, only 50K       2570 ft.           11:30 AM###

                                                                                10.69 2nd time 1/2 marathon         Yes*      No                               2570 ft.            11:30 AM  ###                                 

                                                                              Attention 1/2 Marathon runners, leave this  final aid station, and retrace your earlier route back to the start/finish!

Water Drop,  North Pinyon                      17.68  50k only 1st time                       No         No                                2434 ft.           None

 Full Aid Station, Plum Canyon                23.04  (turn around!)                            Yes*         No                                1709 ft.           2:00 PM Cut-OFF                                            

                                                                                Runners turn around at this location, and retrace back to North Pinyon

Water Drop, North Pinyon                        28.40  50k 2nd time!!!!                          No          No                               2434 ft.            None

Finish Line at Lodge                                      31.04          Let the good times roll!                                                         2400 ft.      04:00 pm


 * Crews. friends, & family may ONLY be on the course at these 3 locations.   See driving directions for Crews!

**One drop bag permitted at Stage Coach Saddle, ONLY for 50K runners!  No other drop bag service.  50K runners using drop bag courtesy MUST EMBLAZON THEIR BIB NUMBER ON THEIR BAG!  Drop bags will be delivered to the finish line when the aid station closes (late morning).   Drop bags NOT CLAIMED will be donated to charity.  Drop bags will NOT be shipped to runners.

# ## The 11:30 AM  cut off  at Stagecoach Saddle Aid Station (second time through)  means ALL RUNNERS both events must have cleared through!  Failure to meet this generous time allowance results in being removed from the course.  For 50K runners this cutoff is equal to an average pace per mile of 17:40.   For 1/2 marathon runners the average pace per mile needed is only 25:24.  These cut offs are for safety, and allow a limit of duty for our 'magic' volunteers.... the cutoffs also prevent runners from establishing a 'homestead' claim within the park!

# The 4:00 pm cut off at the finish line applies to 50K.  Half Marathon runners must complete the course by 1:00 pm.



Water Drop locations will provide WATER ONLY.  The water drops afford runners the ability to top off their water in between the fully stocked aid stations.  Although the fully stocked aid stations are reasonably spaced, the water drops locations provide a margin of safety for all participants!  Take advantage. Water Drop locations WILL NOT PROVIDE TRSANSPORTATION for runners who elect to drop out!  

The three FULL AID STATION LOCATIONS, Stagecoach Saddle, Blair Valley, & Pinyon Canyon will each offer water, sport drinks, soda, & ice.  Snacks will include candy, sport gels, chips/pretzels/crackers, P & J sandwiches, bananas & oranges, cookies, boiled potatoes.  Electrolyte capsules will be on hand.  If you need to drop out for any reason, make every effort to quit at one of these complete aid stations!  Notify the aid station captain, turn in your bib to the captain, and let them know if you need a ride back to camp.



Volunteers, are the truly INDISPENSIBLE component of any event of this type!  It is vital for all runners to frequently & warmly express your appreciation at each encounter!    Volunteers are runners, other race directors, local residents of Shelter Valley, skilled radio operators, equestrian units, course markers, sweepers, and on it goes!  Volunteers also check you in and cook great food too!  They all serve without pay, collecting only  your expressions of "THANKS" and your ever present smiling faces