50K Point to Point Directions


Segment                          Cumulative                             Course Description           

00.00                  00.00                        Start/Finish Line, the LODGE, Stagecoach Trails RV Resort,  El. 2370 ft.   


00.47                  00.47                       From Lodge in camp via camp roads  to Hwy S-2 crossing at Pinyon Mountain Valley Road*.  El. 2360 ft.                                                                      Runners MUST YEILD TO HIGH SPEED TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAY S-2. Use caution crossing the highway.                                                                    Crossing volunteers cannot control HIGHWAY TRAFFIC.  Obey the crossing volunteers!

01.00                  01.47                       Cross Hwy S-2, continue south easterly on the  wide*, sandy* jeep road* for one mile.  After one mile, turn right                                                             onto the California Riding & Hiking Trail (CRHT) ( a single track, cacti lined trail)   El. 2500 ft. 

01.00                  02.47                       Continue along CRHT for one mile, arriving at Saddle Aid Station #1, on Little Blair Valley Jeep Road. Turn Left                                                            at Saddle Aid Station onto Little Blair Valley dirt road.  El. 2570 ft.  Drop Bag Location

03,25                  05.72                       Continue along Little Blair Valley Road, around the right side of the valley, to Moteros Water Station. El.2800 ft.. .                                                          Wise runners 'top off' your hydration packs & bottles.

03.24                  08.96                      Continue along Little Blair Valley Road which descends into Blair Valley, continuing on Blair Valley Road to Blair                                                            Valley Aid  #1, (full aid station).  El. 2540 ft. 50K runners TURN AROUND, & retrace & return to Moteros. 

03.28                  12.24                       Leaving Moteros #2, El. 2800 ft., 50K return to Saddle Aid Station #2 via the route from earlier in the day!.

03.25                  15.49                      Saddle Aid #2 (drop bags) El. 2570 ft. exit north from this aid station, right turn onto the CRHT single track trail.

01.02                  16.51                       Crossing  straight over Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, continue northerly on the CRHT

01.17                   17.68                      North Pinyon Water Station #1,El. 2435 ft. (on intersecting dirt road)..top off water, continue north on CRHT.       

01.72                   19.40                      Fork in trail, bear to right, continuing northerly on the CRHT

00.90                   20,30                      Top of switchbacks.El. 2700 ft...begin descent into Plum Canyon, on the CRHT

01.25                   21.55                      end of Plum Canyon,El. 2198 ft., continue straight upon wide jeep road, descent continuing to turn around.

01.49                   23.04                      Plum Canyon Full Aid Station,El. 1710 ft. turn around,&retrace back through Plum Canyon, via the CRHT, all                                                              the way to Pinyon Mountain Valley Jeep Road.(known as "The Fat Sandy"), passing thru these familiar points..

01.49                   24.53                      end of jeep road, and entering Plum Canyon El. 2198 ft.

01.25                   25.78                      Top of switch backs El. 2700 ft.

02.62                   28.40                       Arriving back at North Pinyon Water Station #2,El. 2435 ft. continue straight through on the CRHT

01.18                   29.58                       Right turn onto Pinyon Mountain Valley Road, and onward to Highway S-2 & the campground.

01.00                   30.58                       Caution crossing Highway S-2, yielding to traffic, before entering campground.

00.47                          31.05                              Jubilation Line!  Congratulations.  Elevation same as in the morning! (we hope)